Codex Released!

Atrium Carceri returns with Codex, an album 3 years in the making 

Grab it here:

Dark drone, industrial beats and brooding choirs set the tone for exploration of a world beyond the illusion. 

“Deep in the roots of the citadel a sea of white robes ever flows. Those Fallen from Elysium kneel here, with blissful smiles and fearful eyes. 

The sorrowful melancholia of a thousand whispered prayers lies heavy about the place. Prayers for the Demiurge to return, and grant them once more the warm embrace of their paradise.” 

The DigiBook version of this release contains artwork Simon has been working on for years with accompanying writing. A glimpse into the world beyond, where we once ruled as gods. The CD version comes in a 16 page hard cover deluxe DigiBook with matte lamination. 

Recommended for lovers of Cinematic Dark Ambient

released September 11, 2018 

Written, Produced, Performed, Artwork & Mastering – Simon Heath 
Texts – Simon Heath & Donald Persson