Atrium Carceri, Kammarheit and Apocryphos working on Onyx

Veteran dark ambient producers Atrium Carceri, Kammarheit and Apocryphos teamed up over the past year to produce the album “Onyx” away from prying eyes. Their studios were synchronised over the Atlantic ocean from Oregon (US), Pennsylvania (US) to Umeå (Sweden), taking over 3800 lines of studio notes to finalise the album.

The signature analogue darkness of gargantuan caves of Kammarheit is combined with the sacral and emotional layering of Apocryphos and the rhytmical bass throbbing and isolated pianos of Atrium Carceri.

Says the collective: “Onyx is a soundscape journey related to the reflection of dispirited memories and obscure sorrows felt by mankind. With the multitude of techniques used by each artist, it also reflects the rich history of the dark ambient genre and how it has progressed through the decades.”